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    Strong & agile


    Compact size and good manoeuvrability makes them ideal solution for crop and cattle farms, 

    as well as in forest and municipal applications.

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    reliability and high endurance


    FT2 Series    84 KM

    FT2 series stands for universal wheeled farm tractor, intended for working with agricultural implements,

    industrial agregates and transport.

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    Compact size & good manoeuvrability

    FT4 Series    50-79 KM

    Designed for hard work, endurance and high economy.

    These tractors feature uncompromising solutions.

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    bigger, heavier & still easy to control


    FT5 Series    102-122 KM

    Universal, top-performing agriculture tractor. Ideal for mowing, fertilization,

    harvesting, sowing and many others.

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    perfect match

    Dedicated front loaders    

    Available for all models

    Wide range of equipement


European Producer of Agricultural Tractors

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Our Recomendation:


View our factory in Sokolka, Poland. We have prepared short video about our production facility, where you can see an ordinary working day in the factory and learn more about our tractor production process.


Key elements of tractor's construction are not visibile on first glance. Although the drive train is hidden under the bonnet, it is the most important part of every tractor. That is why Farmer Traktors use the best components from renowned suppliers. Our company was the first in Poland and second in the world with an official license for installation of John Deere engines in their tractors.


The core of our activity is design & production of robust agricultural tractors.

We also offer solutions for municipal industry. Our team can will advise you to choose the best machine

Our robust tractors can be succesfuy used in forrest aplications.

Agricultural Machinery of the Year

Special Distinction in the contest Agricultural Machinery of the Year 2013 - in the category: domestic machine - for the agricultural tractor FARMER F5-12272s

Company "Hit of the Year"

Company HIT OF THE YEAR 2011 for the tractor FARMER F2-8248 awarded by the clients and the readers of the Agricultural Report.

European Medals

Through last years couple of models designed and produced in our factory has been awarded with this distiction: F-8258 in 2007, F-8258TE in 2008 and Farmer F4-6258 in 2010.


We are very proud of awards and distinctions collected by our tractors, specially if prizes are handed over by tractor users.



  • Farmer Traktor

    European Producer of Agricultural Tractors

    The warranty period for our products is two years

  • Farmer Traktor

    World-class components

    Designed for hard work, endurance and high economy

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Our design philosophy

Our company incorporates only the best components to ensure highest reliability and durability of tractors