Dedicated front loaders

Front loaders (max. Capacity: 800-1600 kg) are available for all models of our tractors.
Designed for eff ective loading and unloading of agricultural materials.
Great visibility and precision during work.

Accessories for front loaders:
-Gripper for foil wrapped bales 1 cylinder
-Gripper for foil wrapped bales 2 cylinders O 120
-Gripper for foil wrapped bales2 cylinders O 150
-Universal bucket
-Bucket with Crocodile
-Open root crop bucket
-Pallet forks
-Pallet forks with fi ngers for straw bales
-Manure and straw bale forks
-„Crocodile” type silage gripper
-„Crocodile” type silage gripper 2 cylinders
-Pushing disc with adjustable angle
-BIG BAG gripper